This gang was founded on 12th august by liyakhat ali along with two others affan hussain and zahid hussain... back then it was only three of them...
but in a short span of over 11 months it has grown rapidly!!!!
the current members are as follows
1 liyakhat ali (the founder)
2 affan hussain (*the leader*)
3 zhid hussain...
4 mohd ismail
5 salman ali
6 abdur rehman
7 mustafa pakeet
8 suhaib
9 the subsitute (aftab)
10 lala the balala
11 umair hussain
12 gouli doodhwaala

we are looking forward to expand and becme the biggest gang in near future!!!!!




Created 06/21/2011 03:13:01 | Last change 12/25/2013 16:59:28
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